How to Choose a Gaming Headset?

If you don’t want to buy a headset or want one that will work with multiple platforms, make sure that your monitor has a good built-in audio component before you buy one otherwise you might be disappointed by its performance (or lack thereof). Remember though that if you’re going to do something like this then try out headsets at an electronics store first so you can see which ones you like the best and what kinds of things they have to offer.

Important Headset Specs


There are several types of gaming headsets on the market with varying features.

1. Over-the-ear headsets: This type is similar to what you see airline pilots wearing and this type has two cups surrounding each ear, giving it a large footprint on your head and body which can be very uncomfortable for some people.

The over-the-ear design provides excellent sound quality with good audio positioning according to the direction of sounds from left or right/front or back.

These generally provide little physical obstruction which makes them ideal for people who need their peripheral vision while playing games or using a program like Skype. They do not cancel outside noise so they’re not always prone to distractions if one isn’t careful.

2. Earbud Headsets: These are the standard earbud headphones that have been around for decades, and this type is a good choice for people who prefer that style.

Earbuds do not typically provide the best sound quality but most of them still outperform the speakers built into many computers because there’s less background noise coming from the headset to distract you from what you’re hearing in the game or on your phone.

These headphones are generally light and compact so they may even work out for those who exercise with their computer. This makes them very popular among travelers especially since it can be annoying listening to someone else’s music while trying to concentrate on what you’re doing on your device. Noise cancellation is also a plus if you want to isolate sound from the outside world.

3.In-Ear Monitors (IEM): IEMs are small earphones that do not have a cup around them, they’re inserted directly into your ears and are used mainly by musicians, especially singers/rappers because they can hear themselves better when recording their music. Nowadays this type is also being used for gamers who want to feel like they’re really in the game while enjoying great sound quality with an immersive experience.

Some IEM headsets are fantastic for multitasking as well since you don’t need to take them off when someone comes up to talk to you. They also look very inconspicuous so having one of these on while walking around town isn’t very obvious compared to the other types above.

Due to the size, IEMs are generally a better option for single-player games with virtual surround sound options. They’re also more susceptible to outside noises so it’s important to make sure these aren’t too loud when sharing spaces and plugging one or both of your ear channels into a device that may have a volume limit like your phone.

4. Bluetooth Headsets: These are wireless Earbuds/Earphones and although they come in many different shapes & sizes, the functionality is similar because they can connect via 3 methods: AUX (3.5mm), Wireless Bluetooth, and Wireless RF (radio frequency).

Some headsets require 2 separate devices to get up and running while others use a single device for connecting to the Internet and BlueTooth pairings with your Smartphone or other devices. Some also have an integrated microphone while others use a detachable one.

These are useful if you want to utilize both wired and wireless connections at the same time (ex: playing music from your phone using BlueTooth then calling someone using voice commands on Skype).

There’s nothing wrong with getting a headset that is missing these features but doesn’t expect it unless you’re paying extra for them.

Sound Quality:

Sound quality is generally subjective because it depends on how you listen to your music. Some people have better hearing than others and are more sensitive towards different frequencies making them prefer one type over the other when it comes to listening to their favorite tunes.

Most of the headsets will give you a good sound experience so don’t stress out too much about this aside from choosing between wired or wireless connections that come with different audio limitations.

It’s best if you ask some friends which one sounds better for your taste, then go home and take each headset for a test drive by yourself (or with family/friends) since some companies make both wired and wireless versions of the same model so there’s no guarantee they’ll deliver the same kind of sound.


A lot of people who go shopping for headsets usually don’t get something that fits well and this is unfortunate because it can be very uncomfortable to use. If the headset isn’t properly positioned then you may find yourself adjusting it often so I suggest trying some on in a store before buying one online.

What’s important here is the type of earphone cushioning used on the earphones and headband, even if they’re made of cheap plastic or rubber as long as they’re cushioned properly then you should have no problems using them for hours at a time.

You’ll want to look out for these things when shopping otherwise you might end up with a headache after your first session due to discomfort and start having second thoughts about your purchase.

Build Quality:

This is a very important aspect that should be considered if you plan to use the headset for serious gaming sessions where you can’t afford to have something break down on you in the middle of a match because it may delay your ability to get back into the game.

There are some parts on headsets that tend to be more flimsy or feel like they’ll fall apart after constant usage so try and stay away from these models unless they’re priced low compared to the rest. 

In general, most headsets feature plastic parts but there are also those with metal frames and headbands so make sure to check that out as well.

Microphone Quality:

Some people will buy headsets to use for voice calls, chatrooms, and other online gaming scenarios where they’ll need a second device (headset) attached to their favorite computer or mobile phone.

Also if you have a BlueTooth headset then you might want to consider this while shopping because some of them are not very good at noise cancellation and filtering which results in your voice being amplified by background noises like the wind or car engines making it sound worse than normal.

When it comes to microphones, they usually come in two types: boom or inline. Most models will feature a retractable boom microphone which has a long cord between your head and the earphones allowing for easy microphone positioning while you’re playing but this also means that it might get in the way of your hands when gaming.

The inline microphones are usually the worst when it comes to noise-cancellation or filtering out unwanted background noises but these models also have a short cord between the earphones and microphone allowing you to switch to another device without having to move the microphone around.

Now, this is just some general information for those who might want some extra help before purchasing because everybody has their preference when it comes to picking out headsets. There’s nothing wrong with asking other people about particular products/models that they’ve used in the past as long as there’s no bias towards one model over another.


The last and most important thing you should consider when shopping for headsets is price. In general, this won’t matter if you’re just looking to buy a wireless model or one that has an inline microphone but keep in mind that the more expensive the headset the better quality it will be (especially if it’s from a reputable brand) and this may mean spending $50+ depending on what type of earphones/microphone you get.

If you don’t want to spend over $20 then you should probably stick with wired models because they usually cost about as much as your average video card and can also be found at any computer store or online retailer even though there are some high-quality products within this range too.

There are also the middle range products that cost about $25-$50 so you could get a nice headset with an inline microphone or even one without an additional mic. Some of these models are pretty cool and they usually come with bass boosting earphones but they’re mainly designed for online gamers who don’t want to spend too much money on something and still want to use decent quality headsets.

The high-end models can go all the way up to around $200 depending on what type of earphones/microphone you get but if you shop around then you might be able to find some from reputable brands at discounted prices ranging from 50%-75% off during sales events and holidays which would make them worth buying because they’ll truly last the test of time.

Ultimately, it’s up to you and your budget when looking for headsets but make sure to check out reviews/guides before making a final decision because some models might not be what you were expecting at all.

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