How to Choose a Gaming keyboard?

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How to Choose a Gaming keyboard?

The best gaming keyboard that you can get is the mechanical keyboard. That being said, there are some disadvantages with them such as their noise level and price but they have great output quality if you can afford to spend more than 100 dollars.

Important keyboards Specs


There are two main types of keyboards available. A membrane keyboard is more common and has a soft rubber-like feel that offers little resistance to the keys as you type. They are usually less expensive than mechanical keyboards but it’s extremely difficult for them to last very long before wearing out, especially if oil from your hands gets on the keys.

Mechanical keyboards offer more customizability with every key being able to be programmed or set up differently depending on your preferences. It also brings an audible click when pressing a key which many people like because it makes sure that they’re hitting each key so there is no miscommunication during gameplay.

Mechanical keyboards generally last longer than other keyboard models and can be used without issues for decades if properly maintained. They also offer much greater accuracy and a faster response time, but the higher price is still not very budget-friendly to most people.

However, there are high-quality membrane keyboards that can last quite long as well – especially if you’re careful with them and don’t spill food or drinks on them often. You will need to clean your keyboard regularly to prevent these issues though!

Membrane keyboards:

These are a great option for beginner PC gamers or people with a tight budget. They’re generally cheaper than mechanical keyboards but offer many of the same features except for the audible click. You will also need to take extra care to clean your keyboard regularly if you choose this type because the oil from your hands can deform/damage individual keys over time, leading them not to work as they were intended.

If you use one of these, make sure that it has an LED backlight since it makes games more fun and enjoyable when typing in the dark (especially some MMO games where enemies rush you without warning)!

Mechanical keyboards:

A high-quality mechanical keyboard can be very expensive but they often last several decades before needing to replace any parts. They also provide an audible click when pressing a key which adds more convenience for gamers.

All the keys on these are also fully customizable and can be programmed individually or with sets of keys together to execute different commands at once (like holding down Alt + F4 simultaneously). Usually, there is no need to replace any pieces unless you accidentally spill something on them or break some of the individual pieces from heavy usage.

The most common complaint though is that they are extremely loud while typing! This makes it difficult to use one in an open work environment without having coworkers hear your every keystroke, but this could add up to the experience of playing late into the night where you wouldn’t normally want others hearing what you’re doing, though. Some have extra keys to help make gaming easier to use like the WASD, CTRL, etc.

When choosing your keyboard, find one that has a USB cable attached for plug & play rather than a PS/2 connector which may require drivers for certain keyboards (PS/2 is still much more common so it’s not too big of an issue).

Sometimes you can get budget mechanical keyboards (the ones with individual switches) for even cheaper but these break easily and need to be replaced frequently unless you’re careful on what surface you type on. I recommend against them since it’ll be hard making any progress in games if the keyboard keeps breaking right in front of your eyes every few months.

Macro Keys:

Macro keys are provided on some gaming keyboards and offer an easy way to perform actions in-game. You can record multiple keystrokes and then assign them all to a single button which means you can increase the speed of your attacks, defend yourself against enemies more effectively as well as be able to cast spells quicker than before if you know the right commands for each spell!

Macro keys allow you to execute complex maneuvers with ease such that there is no need for you to use quick fingers to win your games any longer!

They are particularly useful for MMORPGs and RTS games since they give several different abilities at once when compared with using either WASD or arrow keys; this speeds up gameplay significantly when used correctly.


Your gaming keyboard must have enough room for comfortable use particularly if you spend hours inside this every day. If you have larger hands, then consider getting something with a bit more space between the keys so that they’re easier to press without accidentally hitting two buttons at once while playing games or typing up documents.

Because of the gaming nature of most people, we recommend keyboards with a decent-sized spacebar and a low profile. Having to press down on the keys rather than up can save you time in the long run as well!


Newer keyboards often come with Wi-Fi options. This means that you can connect them to your computer without the messiness of tangled wires or unplugging things every time you’re done playing games on your PC!

The range varies depending on the specific model that you get, but most are usually around 30 feet (10 meters). The lower-end models will be ~15 feet at most. These allow easier connectivity between units as well since if two people want to play together in a room they don’t even need to be near each other; just make sure there’s a line of sight from both ends and everything should work smoothly.

Wi-fi capabilities are always a great feature to have, but it’s not an absolute necessity because most wired keyboards and mice are still able to connect without any problems.


Some newer keyboards also support BlueTooth connections to your computer. This means that you can play games from a distance without dealing with irritating cords or the need for an open USB port all the time!

The range varies depending on the model of the keyboard but should be similar to that of Wi-fi models. In addition, there are also some other features like backlit keys and multimedia shortcuts. Feel free to take your pick based on what’s available and how much it will cost you since these factors vary by each keyboard model out there.

Many gaming keyboards nowadays come with special software as well which allows users to customize their keystrokes, create macros or browse through saved settings along with locking & uninstalling them for added security.

The software will often allow you to customize the keyboard’s appearance and make it easier to use from a PC perspective.

Alternatively, there are also third-party tools like AutoHotkey that you can use if you’re looking for even more customization options with your gaming keyboard. Using this tool may be able to help speed up keypresses in certain games or data entry into forms and documents so don’t forget about this option!

For those of you who want an easy life while maintaining decent performance in-game, it is recommended that you get keyboards with Cherry MX switches. These are durability-tested switches used by many manufacturers to standardize what they use which means guaranteed quality across the board. Although these often come at a higher cost than other options, it’s worth it since they last longer and can be customized to suit the user’s needs.

Other switches like Outemu Blue/Red/Brown and Gateron are also fairly well-liked by gaming keyboard users but when the budget is a concern then sticking with what’s tried and true is often the best idea in these situations!


The price range for gaming keyboards is usually between $50-$100 but some high-end models could cost even more depending on what features are included inside.

For average gamers, it’s recommended that you spend at least $70 so that they have proper quality while also bringing value for your money. Anything below this range might have issues with not working properly or fading away within months depending on how often you use them.

If you’re looking for something more premium then spending over $100 will get you the best of everything. That being said, even a $50 model will work well enough if you’re careful with it and take good care of it daily.

Extra Gaming Features:

Nowadays, gaming keyboards are now packed with extra features that offer a wide variety of extras for gamers to enhance their experience while playing games. Some examples would be the addition of media keys for more control over your music and videos, back-lighting for easier nighttime usage, and anti-ghosting capabilities which allow you to hit several keys simultaneously without any issues!

Other than these small additions, larger mechanical keyboards come with switches that can make them even more expensive but also allow users to customize everything from key response times to overall feel when typing on them. It’s important to check out what kind of switch is available inside your gaming keyboard so that you have an idea as to how responsive and durable it’ll be!

Additional Peripherals:

Most of the gaming keyboards on the market will contain a basic setup that includes only actual keys and not much else. To get more out of it, you can usually purchase additional extras such as a wrist guard for added support or even a mechanical gaming mouse which offers better control over your cursor than the regular ones you can find in stores!

There are several add-ons available and while some are quite cheap, others might cost an arm and leg depending on what kind of features they offer. Be aware of what everything costs before making any purchases so that you don’t end up spending more than necessary!

Hopefully, this gaming keyboard guide has worked out for you guys, and now, you won’t have any trouble trying to find one that fits your desires.

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