Thermal paste

Arctic Silver Arctic Alumina Premium Ceramic Polysynthetic 1.75 g Thermal Paste

Premium Ceramic Content: Arctic Alumina uses a layered composite of three unique shapes and sizes of ceramic particles to maximize particle-to-particle contact area and thermal transfer. This exclusive combination provides performance exceeding most metal based compounds., Controlled Triple Phase Viscosity: Arctic Alumina does not contain any silicone. The suspension fluid is a proprietary mixture of advanced polysynthetic oils that work together to provide three distinctive functional phases. As it comes from the syringe, Arctic Alumina's consistency is engineered for easy application in a thin even layer. During the CPU's initial use, the compound thins out to enhance the filling of the microscopic valleys and ensure the best physical contact between the heatsink and the CPU core. Then the compound thickens slightly over the next 50 to 200 hours of use to its final consistency designed for long-term stability., NOTE: (This should not be confused with conventional phase change pads that are pre-attached to many heatsinks. Those pads melt each time they get hot then re-solidify when they cool. The viscosity changes that Arctic Alumina goes through are much more subtle and ultimately much more effective.), Absolute Stability: Arctic Alumina will not separate, run, migrate, or bleed., Electrical Insulator: Arctic Alumina does not contain any metal or other electrically conductive materials. It is a pure electrical insulator, neither electrically conductive nor capacitive., Performance: 2 to 10 degrees centigrade lower CPU full load core temperatures than standard thermal compounds or thermal pads when measured with a calibrated thermal diode imbedded in the CPU core., Easy Clean Up: Arctic Alumina can easily be cleaned from CPUs and heatsinks with ArctiClean, isopropyl alcohol or any of the cleaners listed in the product instructions., Compliancy: RoHS Compliant., Average Particle Size: <0.39 micron <0.000015 inch (65 particles lined up in a row equal 1/1000th of an inch.), Temperature Limits: Peak: -40 Degrees C to >160 Degrees C, Long-Term: -40 Degrees C to 125 Degrees C, Coverage Area: 1.75-gram syringe. (Approximately 1cc), At a layer 0.003" thick, one syringe will cover about 24 square inches.


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Product Specifications

Arctic Silver
Arctic Alumina Premium Ceramic Polysynthetic
Part #
1.75 g

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